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Image Sliders

[wvc_anything_slider slider_height=”100%” autoplay=”false” slideshow_speed=”6000″][wvc_anything_slide add_overlay=”yes” overlay_color=”auto” overlay_opacity=”80″ background_img=”4152″]

Our brand new awesome page builder element:

The Anything Slider!

Just Put anything you want in your slides!!

[/wvc_anything_slide][wvc_anything_slide background_type=”video” add_overlay=”yes” video_bg_url=”https://vimeo.com/162594722″ video_bg_img=”6051″]
Watch the Trailer
[/wvc_anything_slide][wvc_anything_slide add_overlay=”yes” overlay_color=”auto” overlay_opacity=”80″ background_img=”5718″]

Use text, buttons and other elements to


…and create cool sliders


This is the “Advanced Slider” element. A custom slider with premade caption settings.

This is a simple image slider element. Simply choose your images and you’re done!


EE Productions

An organization raising awareness with performative and cinematic arts within the United States. Our focus is to create a platform that can leverage the voice of a community to make positive and impactful changes on a national and global level.

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