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About Us

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A dedication to storytelling, creative expression, and the capacity to bring untold narratives to life

Established in the epicenter of Cinematic Arts, Ensemble Entertainment Productions Inc. (Ensemble) is a non-profit organization from Los Angeles, California founded in 2015. Ensemble strives to connect people from around the world to share their stories and experiences through film, education, production and development support within a wide range of mediums. The original vision encompassed creating productions and events that showcased artists from across the globe, hoping to share unseen talent within the U.S. industry. Today, that vision’s foundation continues to persist, yet has expanded and taken focus towards performative arts.

Many of Ensemble’s collaborators started their developments at California State University Long Beach. Their love of acting, theatre, film, storytelling, and related fields, such as music and fashion would begin to shape Ensemble’s story. It’s members comprise of a diverse group of artists who share a similar passion and dedication to storytelling, creative expression, and the capacity to bring untold narratives to life. Through collaboration, the organization continues to bring about new ideas and concepts, utilizing each individual’s unique abilities and talents that enhance the vision as a whole.

Part of an ensemble show is realizing it’s a collaboration. It’s like a symphony. Everybody takes their turn, but it’s really the collective group that matters.

Jurnee Smollett-Bell


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An organization raising awareness with performative and cinematic arts within the United States. Our focus is to create a platform that can leverage the voice of a community to make positive and impactful changes on a national and global level.


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