The Adventure Begins

You’ve been invited to come on a great adventure. Something completely new that exists within your present world and a world unknown to you. Something that may test your perception of reality but will ultimately bring you back home. If nothing were technically holding you back, would you go?

I think for most people who are new to the use of psychedelics, particularly psilocybin mushrooms, there are a lot of scary ‘firsts’ and ‘what-ifs’ that need to be addressed before diving in. There are questions like:

How much should I take?
Is it safe?
Will I become insane?
How long will the experience last?
I have medical concerns, should I still try it?

Then there’s the uncertainty of – where will your mind take you? Are you ready to really face the deeper and sometimes darker aspects of yourself? These are all great first questions to ask before taking the leap into the psychedelic abyss. Some adventure seekers may want a person to guide them as well as have a safe space to experiment where they will be supported on their journey. Then there are some who are ready for take-off! Whatever the case may be, having a solid community to turn to for all these questions is a must.

Preparation, Intention, Set-Setting & Integration

In 2020, members from the organization started teaching the use of psilocybin mushrooms to our general community. The notion of conscientious consumption, as well as an understanding of the indigenous history are some of the elements that were brought to the forefront of our instruction. All questions and medical concerns are addressed prior to use. Then we set forth on creating an experience that allows anyone to go deeper into developing a relationship with these substances – a symbiotic connection.

Understanding your intentions prior, having a safe ‘set and setting’ during which corelates to an atmosphere for growth and discovery, and having a space for integration at the conclusion, where we can talk openly about the experience are provided for one’s journey. Having these elements are not only crucial but are the core principals of having a successful ‘trip.’

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The Celebration

It takes a lot of courage to face the unknown aspects of yourself and ultimately create peace with what you find. It may be scary at first but once you do, our team truly believes that there’s a celebration to be had. I mean, why not have a little fun? Why not get up, dance and move to the new rhythm that is within you? Our team takes pride in creating an all-encompassing environment for play, self-discovery and renewal to yourself. Ultimately, every journey should lead you back to an appreciation of what you would consider to be home.


Hope to see you in our next gathering! For more information, please reach out to us at


With mush love and light!

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