The story of this romantic comedy starts with two men coming to Iran, a so called art dealer and a standup comedian. As the plot of the film develops, the two men come to discover that they are neighbors in search of the same thing.

Los Angeles - Tehran (2018)

01 hours 30 minutes
Actors: Gohar Kheirandish, Mahnaz Afshar,
Parviz Parastui, Zhubin Rahbar
Director: Tina Pakravan
Genre: Comedy
Release: June 11, 2018
Language: Farsi

About the project

Tina Pakravan, screen writer, director and producer of Iranian films began her career producing short films. Her first feature film, The Woman, was a great presentation of the various constraints of Iranian women in current society. Her second feature film, It happened at Midnight, was a turning point towards success for Pakravan in filmmaking industry; the film received recognition at the Fajr Film Festival. The film portrays the romantic relationship of a young man and a middle-aged woman; a concept that is socially unaccepted in Iran which is beautifully illustrated within Pakravan’s tragic romance.

In her recent work, Los Angles – Tehran, Pakravan has Parvis Parastooie in her cast, one of Iran’s treasured comedians featured in comedies such as, Lily is with me, Wrongful Man and The Lizard. Los Angeles – Tehran is Parastooie’s return to comedic films after 8 years. The film, which has been released in Iran, was featured at the Phoenix Comedy Festival in Toronto attended by the director, Tina Pakravan, on June 10th, 2018.